Top App Development Agency

Top App Development Company TalkMore than 3.5 million apps are available in the App Store and Google Play. According to a Developer Economics report, in the mobile applications industry, 2% of developers attract 54% of total revenue, each earning over $ 100,000 per month.

Business applications, much more lucrative than consumer apps

Business developers have much higher earnings than those targeting the consumer segment, according to Developer Economics. They are twice as likely to earn $ 5,000 a month from an app and have three times higher chances to earn more than $ 25,000 than those who develop for consumers. Even under these circumstances, 2 out of 3 developers focus on the consumer segment.

Why it’s difficult to be successful in the mobile app industry

For mobile application developers, it is increasingly difficult to earn money from their work due to fierce competition and growing user expectations, according to a study by the Gartner Market Research Company.

In order for an application to be visible on the market, it must be of high quality and offer many functionalities. And these things mean higher research, development, delivery and support costs. Experts estimate that only one in 10,000 consumer-related applications has the potential to represent a financial success.

Top app developers in 2019

There are so many top app development agency producers out there that it is extremely difficult to make a list, much less a top. But we have browsed through those with the most visible results this year and we came up with a few names. These developers are all different, but their results and customers speak for themselves.

  • Intellectsoft

Located in Palo Alto, CA, Intellectsoft is a software consulting & development company, providing solutions designed to keep up with digital transformation: Cognitive Computing, Internet of Things, Decentralized Applications as well as Augmented Reality. These are suitable for all kind of industries, and some of the top clients of this company are Audi and Universal.

  • WillowTree®

Located in Charlottesville, VA, this company delivered over a thousand mobile and digital solutions to leading companies and enterprises, such as PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson or HBO.


  • Ramotion

Located in San Francisco, CA, Ramotion is a UI Engineering and Mobile Development company that developed apps for Mozilla, Salesforce and Xerox.

  • ArcTouch

Another developer from San Francisco, CA, ArcTouch designs, develops and supports apps for Android, iOS and Xamarin, bots for Amazon and Facebook Messenger and also contributes to forward-looking companies with products for the Internet of Things and augmented reality technology solutions. Their services include strategy, design, engineering and support/maintenance. Top clients include HP and Wallmart.

  • Robosoft Technologies

This agency works on mobile app development (UX/UI design and engineering services), as well as on digital advisory. Some of its top clients are Logitech, ESPN and Warner Bros.

  • Sidebench

Based in Los Angeles, Sidebench is a design and development consultancy that works for Instagram, Red Bull and Sony Pictures.

  • Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is a design and innovation agency located in Silicon Valley, CA. Among its top clients, we name L’Oreal, PayPal and Disney.