Can I Store My Trailer At A Storage Facility?

If you enjoy the open road with your trailer, you know the importance of parking your recreational vehicle in a safe space during the off-season. You may not want to park it on your driveway during all those months when you are not hitting the road, not to mention that this might actually be illegal in some neighborhoods. To keep your exterior space free and avoid problems with your homeowner association, you should consider renting space for your trailer, at a Colorado Springs storage facility.

There are many storage facilities across the country, but not all of them can park recreational vehicles. You will have to find facilities built for this specific purpose: accommodating very long and tall RVs.

Many Colorado Springs storage facilities are gated and fully fenced, equipped with alarms and surveillance systems, and they provide larger units compared to standard facilities. Your trailer will be safely parked behind closed doors or within a safe perimeter outdoors, covered or not, depending on the type of renting space you have signed for.

Types of recreational vehicle storage

  • Indoors – You can choose this full protection, in which case storing your trailer is the most expensive. But it will be stored indoors, which provides additional protection from weather and the elements as well as savings from repairing damages.
  • Outdoor – Outdoor storage of recreational vehicles is the most common choice mainly because it is also the most affordable. It is a good option to keep your vehicle in a safe perimeter, especially in areas where bad weather is not a concern.
  • Covered – Covered storage is still outdoor storage, but with additional protection in the form of a special cover.

You will most likely consider storing your trailer during the winter months, which are typically considered “the off-season”. However, you will still be able to access your vehicle during this period, anytime you wish. You might want to take your trailer out and drive it around, just to keep it in good condition, or you might simply want to check for maintenance issues. Choosing a storage facility near you can make this possible.

Now that we cleared the dilemma of being or not being allowed to store your trailer to a storage facility, it is time to talk about storage costs.  They will depend on each location and amenities. Generally, outdoor storage can start from $30-$50 a month, but could go up to $100, in certain locations. Let`s also mention that costs will be largely determined by the size of your trailer.

Indoor storage is always more expensive, because it brings more benefits. Unheated units will cost from $50 to $125 or more, while heated units can range from $100 to $450 a month. There are also Colorado Springs storage facilities that provide premium services, such as valet parking, sewage dumping, battery charging etc. These will lead you to higher rates but for many people they worth the investment.

Getting started with trailer storage is really simple. You will have to come up with a proof that your trailer is in working condition and provide copies of the vehicle’s title, registration and insurance.

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