Get A Bang For Your Buck By Choosing Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are quickly rising in popularity, and people that have tried them won’t find this fact surprising at all. If you are one of those people that finds himself or herself away from home for extended periods of time, these types of accommodations could be the right ones for you. Being away from home is stressful enough as is, so it is good to have an option that replicates the experience of owning your own living space. Sure, nothing beats “,” but with an extended stay hotel, you are getting very close to that feeling.


What’s are extended stay hotels, exactly?


Well, technically speaking, it is an apartment complex that uses a booking system similar to the one used by hotels. This is why extended stay hotels are also known as residential hotels, or apartment hotels. Most of these offer a fully fitted apartment space. Another common feature is a fully furbished kitchen. Since most people in America live in apartment complexes, staying at a extended stay hotel will oftentimes make them feel right at home, because the living conditions are very similar, not to mention that they are also of a high quality, and offer services and features that rival other types of hotels, why also offering them at a reduced price.


Best reasons to choose an extended stay hotel over other alternatives


There are many reasons why anyone that plans to stay in another city for more than a week or two should opt for an extended hotel as opposed to a motel or a regular hotel.  Don’t be opposed to furnished apartments San Antonio offers, as they work into the budget and most are very nice.


One of these reasons is space. Extended stay hotels can offer you this in spades. You can find suits with up to three bedrooms, a kitchen and a spacious living area, and many of these will come at a good price. This surely beats many regular hotels, as their rooms tend to feel very cramped in comparison.


Another reason is the price. Besides the fact that most of these suites come at affordable prices, they also offer cheap facilities and features (cable TV, wireless internet and so on). By “cheap”, I of course mean “modestly priced”, not “low quality.” In fact, when it comes to quality, you are very likely to be left impressed by what is on offer.


Speaking of facilities, another attractive feature of extended stay hotels is the fact that they offer amenities that you could find at regular hotels, such as a swimming pool, gym equipment and even saunas. Most of these also offer weekly maid services.


An extended stay hotel also offers great privacy. They are very convenient, since they feature a fully furbished kitchen. No more fast-foods and eating at restaurants for you! If you have some cooking skills, you can make your own food, which can be more delicious and will also save you money.


There are many more reasons than these, but those are best left to be discovered on your own.

Denver Flight Schools – What Are The First Steps?

Ever since you were little, you have dreamt of becoming a pilot. However, as years passed by, you have noticed that what once was only a dream is quickly turning into reality. Flying miles above the Earth might sound crazy for many, but there are some people whose hearts have guided them towards this job since very early in life. Even so, while courage and a serious dose of seriousness are essential if one wants to become a pilot, picking the right flight school might be just as important.

If your current location is Denver, Colorado, then you can as well try one of the local training centers. Luckily, for those interested, the flight schools Colorado options are quite a few. Needless to say, each of them has their own team of experts that can teach you pretty much everything about flight. Still, there are some that offer certain services that others do not, and others that might tell you a thing or two about flying that you would otherwise not find out anywhere else.

What is there to do?

The Denver flight schools are quickly becoming some of the best on the United States territory. Aside from offering some of the industry’s best graduates, its students can also benefit from top quality training lessons at affordable prices.

Deciding to follow the courses was only the first step in becoming a pilot. Afterwards comes a more difficult part, where you must pick the school that best fits your needs. In case you wonder what you should take into account before choosing one or the other, consider the following:

  • Set a goal: do you want to do this for the fun of it or intend to turn piloting into a long-term job? Moreover, do you plan your flights to be local or you want to see the entire world? Pay close attention to these two questions as they might become the elements you will base your future career upon
  • Find out more about the type of school: there are currently two types of flight schools, namely Part 61 and Part 141. In the first case, you will have to fly for 250 hours, while in the second one the institution will require 190 hours in order to offer you the private pilot certificate
  • History: look for how long the flight school you want to attend has been in the business. Generally speaking, the more years there are behind it, the more experienced is the staff, and you want to work with the best in the domain
  • Check the instructors’ resume: find out as much as possible about the instructors and whether they are well-reputed or not.
  • Safety is the keyword: being miles up in the air with only one person to guide you might actually be as scary as it sounds. For this reason it is vital for you to feel safe throughout the lessons. See what the school’s safety record is. This can come in handy during the entire process, as students who feel safe have confessed to learn better and faster than all the others.

Also, make sure you are financially stable before deciding to follow the courses of a flight school. While there are some cheaper ones, the last thing you want is to run out of money.