About Us


Joe Carter’s life has always revolved around horses and traveling.  As a young boy growing up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, Joe quickly developed an affinity for horses and even competed in local rodeos as early as age 8.  After his parents lost the ranch to foreclosure when he was 18, Joe began traveling all around the United States with various underground rodeos.

By age 25, he was traveling overseas to ride horses in Europe, Asia, and even in Africa.  If there were horses, Joe Carter wanted to ride them.  Overall, Joe has ridden in over 200 different countries.

At age 34, Joe lost his right leg in a tragic barrel racing accident in the Ukraine.  He was told by several doctors that he would never ride again.  It was during this time, that Joe began to travel the world again, although this time it wasn’t for horses.

Eventually, thanks to an anonymous donation, Joe received a prosthetic leg and was able to ride again!